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Wuxi Hitech Machinery Co.,Ltd. is engaged in water spray Propulsion equipment research and development and production of professional companies, enterprises Industry has more than ten years engaged in water jet propulsion device Research, design and manufacture of technical personnel and tubes Personnel. The company passed in 2004 ISO 9000 quality system certification. More than ten years, have developed a single-stage axial flow pump, two- stage axial flow pump, high-speed mixed-flow pump and omni-directional water pump Type of series of water jet propulsion products. The company and a number of research institutes to maintain a long-term close Cooperation, greatly enhance the company’s technological advantages and new product research and development capabilities, and strive to meet the majority Customer demand for water jet propulsion.
The company has a complete production, testing and testing facilities, including a propeller dedicated test bed, a variety of products manufactured before the rigorous real pump full power test, and ensure that the company’s products reliable technical performance and manufacturing quality. The company’s production of water jet propulsion has been widely used in power boats, high-speed patrol boats, amphibious vehicles, special engineering ship and shallow sea survey positioning ship, yachts, motor boats and so on. Among them, the axial flow water jet propulsion pump for a variety of low-speed ships, with a large thrust, high efficiency. The omnidirectional water jet propeller has advanced performance, its nozzle can be rotated 360 degrees, flexible operation, easy installation, can be used as the main propulsion or bow propulsion, especially for shallow water navigation and port operations and other special vessels.

Strict control, to ensure that technical performance and manufacturing quality,Passed the ISO9000 quality system certification
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